Davide D’Elia draws from the vocabulary of the neglected and the degraded: the humidity created by the water dripping from the tap, moisture stains on the canvas or the marks left on the wallpaper BY old frames. The artist observes and documents the passage of time; the way it produces different shapes and their organic growth. These shapes become drawings made by “nature” on the object. A certain scientific curiosity is for the artist an entry point towards the desire for an identification with other forms of life. The project “Buoy Wanted: in a glass of water” is a work in progress about a sea buoy that appears on wanted posters spread around the city. In this stage of the project, the foolish search for the buoy continues in a glass of water on the (A) night table: the desired buoy appears in a dream; closer, then further away. Constantly at the mercy of its perpetual WAVING condition.
The artists will create drawings in a state of becoming, shown on the backdrop of a video projection and a sound installation produced in collaboration with the musician Al-Maranca.
_abstract from DMD catalog

. old paper map on table
. six drawings, black charcoal on grey paper (60cm x 85cm)
. video projection