text by Giulia Ferracci
######1 is a new project that deals with the deep connection between the work and the instruments used by the artist in its production. Davide D’Elia presents four images that interweave a silent dialogue and tell the story of the production of organic works; a consideration made up of references to the spatial and temporal dimension, parameters that are here removed from their contexts of past and physicality. The graphic project, born from the extreme figuration of everyday objects, is by its nature a homage – in pop style – to a theme that is dear to D’Elia, namely the organicity of materials. This is the background of the phantom objects, instruments that are essential in his alchemical works, the iridescence of an artificial rainbow generated by the multiplication of the pattern of tartan cloth. These pages represent what is to be created, but does not yet exist. Traces are all that survive: a gas cylinder, a hydrometer, a lamp, and a kitchenette with its pot. They are the instruments which the artist, since 2003, has created experimental moulds on various surfaces with. The object of the work is the act of the creation of the material, captured a moment before and after its formation, when the machines are still and rest in their space. The pages are not isolated but connected by a visual grammar that relates to an organic totality, in which every element, every instrument, is useful to the other. These images allow for a multiple connection, they move according to a logic that is not discursive or conceptual, but analogical, allowing in this way for a multi-connection that is identical to that through which an organism is generated. The visual power therefore corresponds to the same principle that regulates the formation of moulds, in which the whole works for the parts and the parts work for the whole, according to symmetries of symmetries that create the living totality.