Gesti regolatori to 3500 CM 2 project

3500 cm2 (50 x 70 cm) is the space available to create a poster. A space that reaches the viewers receiving the posters. Wherever the posters are exhibited, copies are distributed to visitors. The name 3500 cm2 refers to the size of the poster put at the disposal of an artist in order to create an artwork. The project develops along two axes. The first is uniqueness (a work created by an artist specifically for a single occasion), while the second concerns repetition (the multiplication of the given work for everyone who attends the event). On the one hand, therefore, the poster is a mass object that disseminates an image. On the other, however, it is also an artist’s edition. The project 3500 cm2 thus becomes an alternative way of constructing a cultural platform that amplifies the communicative possibilities of art. As a modular project, 3500 cm2 can be adapted to, and developed in, different situations. The single most important aim of the project is to constantly create dialogue with the public.
3500 cm2 is an exhibition that unfolds in time and spreads itself in space.
Curated by Lorenzo Benedetti
. Davide D'Elia
. poster (50x70)cm
. monochromatic print.
. 1000 copies