Time brakes in. Notes fade and materials decay, still unaware of their fate.
Musty canvases, colored in green and gray, pierced by hyphens, blame time and question it.
I try to explain these visions through calligraphy and numbered order.
The light pencil, lines and numbers, expects overlap china… that may not ever come.

. frame (45x60) cm
. molds samplings
. paper passepartout
. captions written
Davide D’Elia looks at the natural process of mould and blood coagulation with the end goal to create “the stage for abstraction”: the artist dwell in lab scientific methods and present an empiric result of his research in a state “supposedly and nearly stabilized”. Visual effects created by random laceration made by bacteria on bio-tissues. This “contaminated” works are the expression of an in-depth research made by Davide and its aesthetic result is the product of the artist awareness.

abstrac from HORIZON OF EVENTS catalog